At D&R Quality Meats, “Quality” is our middle name. And that’s no exaggeration. D and R Quality Meats in Toledo, Oregon is a family owned and operated business. The store was founded when son Damon worked as a meat cutter in a small local store, and father Robin who was not satisfied with the quality of smoked meats available on the market took up smoking meats as a hobby. It was inevitable their paths would cross when orders for smoked meat grew to be more than Robin could handle as a hobby. The outcome: D&R Quality Meats.

Old Fashion Meat Market and Retail Smoking

In addition to the usual cuts of beef, chicken, and pork that you would find in any butcher shop, we also make breakfast sausage, summer sausages, and jerky.

Check out our selection of BBQ and hot sauces. Customers say they are out of this world. Pick up a few bags of potato chips and other snacks and drinks while you’re here too.

Our customers just love our snack baskets filled with yummy packages of summer sausage and cheeses cut into cubes — a low-fat high-protein snack!

We also process hunted game as well (custom smoking available).
Deer: $100 minimum
​Elk: $220 minimum

Please call ahead to make arrangements.
Phone: (541) 635-0164