Bring in the game animals you’ve hunted yourself and we’ll do the processing for you (custom smoking also available). Please call ahead to make arrangements.

Deer: $100 flat rate cut & wrapped

Elk: $220 flat rate cut & wrapped

Processing and Packaging Grinds:

Boneless (only) $.75 lb. Bulk
Ground and packaged $1.00 lb.
Breakfast Sausage $1.50 lb.
Grind and wrap $1.75 lb.
*Beef and Pork added at market price.

Pepperoni Sticks Green Weight
Reg. Pepperoni $3.29 lb.
Pepper $3.49 lb.
Teriyaki $3.49 lb.
Jalapeno Pepperoni $3.49 lb.

Summer Sausage $2.75 lb.
Jalapeno Summer Sausage $3.00 lb.

Reg. Beer Sausage $2.75 lb.
Jalapeno or Spicy $3.00 lb.

Jerky (regular, teriyaki, peppered, sweet, sweet and spicy) $4.00 lb.
*Vac. Packed $.50 per bag